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Oh my!  I just visited this site to find out how much they were selling this unique Wagner Sad Iron Heater that we just got in stock for  because it’s so rare.  Theirs had already sold, so I couldn’t compare.  However I started looking at items on their site and I was so intrigued that I spent about 20 minutes there.  They have free shipping, but their prices were way up there.  They've sold a lot of things, so I don't know what their secret is.  I'd like to know; that's for sure.  It was just interesting to see the items and read the short descriptions.  Talk about unique, this is definitely a special site to visit. Another one that is comparable  is  Please notice the unique spelling of this site.  You can go back and see the hundreds of items they've sold on this site, and the price they sold it for.  They have them very well organized when you go back, so you can look at pictures and get some good


Oh my, I found such an amazing website at that explains what almost every glass shape is called and for what reason it was created.  It's so interesting to read for that information alone, but they also tells uses for some of the dishes today.  Unfortunately, you have to be a member to get to everything on the site, but don't let this stop you because this site has such a vast amount of information for FREE!!!  They list patterned glass by shape, name, maker, pattern and show an endless amount of examples.  It's truly beyond any I've found thus far!!  I'll be using this resource often.  


I was pricing items at 3 am this morning and I came across an AMAZING site for Star Wars' fans!!  It's a Star Wars collector's archive database with PAGES AND PAGES AND PAGES of categorized lists of items that have been made for Star Wars' fans.  A pic is only a click away and there is a search tab, which I didn't notice until I'd scanned about 30 pages.  When I realized I wasn't close to the end of the site's elaborate list, I went back to the top and found it.  You can search by item, category, country, film, etc.  It truly is a remarkable compilation of Star Wars' related items, but wouldn't you know it, the item that I have isn't there.  I think I can add to this list and I think I will if I win it, if I can figure it out.  LOL!!  If I do win the item, I'll be sure to let you know what it is and you Star Wars' fans can race to Tique-Tock to see if you get there first.  Check this fabulous site out at!


If you're a fellow glassware lover, you might already know, but you can practically type any maker of glass on Google.  If they're no longer in business, they'll probably be a collector's group that has a website just for them.  Some you have to pay to join, but most you don't.  Even the ones that ask you to pay a fee usually allow at least a part of their site to be seen.  You can keep looking and almost always find a free one.  I found one for Indiana Glass today that's great.  You have to do several clicks to get to the pics, so don't give up on it.  Their pics are fantastic!  They're detailed and when possible even show some of the original boxes, which is something very unique.  This is the site... When you visit our site, we often try to include some interesting information about they items we're selling.  Plus check out old blogs of mine for those items you may collect.  We're starting a l


A woman stopped by today with the neatest pamphlet about this scenic route.  Sometimes we all forget what a beautiful state we live in with such a rich history.  There are so many covered bridges, most old, some new, within 20 miles of our store on Union County's Scenic Route and more in Madison County.  Not only did it include bridges, but information about historic buildings and structures along the way.   I'm going to make sure we have some of those pamphlets available as soon as possible. I think "Tique-Tock" would make a great welcoming center for Plain City, since we really don't have one.  All of us love to tell people about things that they can visit before or after they shop with us.  I wish I was a tech savvy person that could create a map of all of the neat things you can find just within 5-10 miles of our store.  If you know of something that we should tell people about, let us know!