TEAPOT LOVERS MUST READ I just got in a teapot with a big hump in the bottom.  I’d never seen one like it before and certainly wasn’t sure of the purpose of the hump, so of course I googled it.  The first thing I came to was Wikipedia, which I donate to because I find their information very useful.  The information about teapots that they shared was fascinating.  For example, did you know that when teapots first started that they were all small because they were single serving?  True!  Did you know that porcelain couldn’t be made in Europe in the early 1700s and because most teapots were made of porcelain, it usually was only the richest that could afford them.  Did you know historically the Chinese drank tea from the spout?  I can’t wait to research that a bit more.  I want to know why.  Go to Wikipedia and read about your favorite collectible and maybe consider a small donation.  Unfortunately, I still don’t know the reason for the hump, so if any of you do, please let me know.


Sometimes you just really want to know who made a piece of porcelain years and years ago.  You can see the mark, but you just have never heard of it before and you don't know enough info really to google it.  This site only gives a picture and the name, but at least it's a start.  I wish it had more info about the company itself.   Well if you’re looking for a site to do this, I just found a great one, although it didn’t have the one that I’m looking for right now.  They have a picture of the maker’s mark and then identify the maker.  They also have an interesting glossary that identifies some of the porcelain lingo that’s harder to figure out and explanations of many things you’d not even thought about at all.  The question and answer area is also fun to read.  It’s like reading an antique magazine.  Visit and enjoy!


I was talking with a customer today about those things that she treasures and why.  She like so many other customers I speak with are worried that their children aren’t going to want any of their items they consider most valuable and NOT because of the monetary value, but what it’s meant to the family.  Throughout what I have to say in this blog, keep in mind that when I say child that this is inclusive to mean any younger person that you may want to share your life with after you’re gone.  I don’t have children of my own, but I’m hoping that nieces, nephews and extended family and friends will want a piece of us to treasure.   PLEASE share stories with your kids.  Don’t assume they’re going to remember the things you’ve told them as they grew up when you weren’t the cool one to listen to necessarily.  Have you ever noticed as your kids get older that it seems that you’re getting smarter in their minds?  You are!  BUT STILL don’t assume that they’re going to remember all of these


Are you a fan of The Saturday Evening Post magazine?  Maybe of Norman Rockwell? Then you should absolutely visit .  There you can see every cover and lots of information about each particular issue.  AND…if you want to read that magazine, you can purchase to read it online or print it.  OR…you can join and see all of the magazines anytime you want.  It’s very well organized and I was able to find what I was looking for very easily.  I had a 1951 issue that was signed by the artist that did the cover.  The only problem was that it didn’t tell who’d done the cover on the inside, like it usually does.  Some of the pictures, cartoons, articles and even the ads would be great to print and then frame for decos around your house.  Of course, you wouldn’t be able to sell them because of copyright I’m assuming.  I think I’m going to join because I just love these magazines, but they’re so big and awkward.  It’d be great to have an alternative.  Another really great plus


Oh my!  I just visited this site to find out how much they were selling this unique Wagner Sad Iron Heater that we just got in stock for  because it’s so rare.  Theirs had already sold, so I couldn’t compare.  However I started looking at items on their site and I was so intrigued that I spent about 20 minutes there.  They have free shipping, but their prices were way up there.  They've sold a lot of things, so I don't know what their secret is.  I'd like to know; that's for sure.  It was just interesting to see the items and read the short descriptions.  Talk about unique, this is definitely a special site to visit. Another one that is comparable  is  Please notice the unique spelling of this site.  You can go back and see the hundreds of items they've sold on this site, and the price they sold it for.  They have them very well organized when you go back, so you can look at pictures and get some good


Oh my, I found such an amazing website at that explains what almost every glass shape is called and for what reason it was created.  It's so interesting to read for that information alone, but they also tells uses for some of the dishes today.  Unfortunately, you have to be a member to get to everything on the site, but don't let this stop you because this site has such a vast amount of information for FREE!!!  They list patterned glass by shape, name, maker, pattern and show an endless amount of examples.  It's truly beyond any I've found thus far!!  I'll be using this resource often.  


I was pricing items at 3 am this morning and I came across an AMAZING site for Star Wars' fans!!  It's a Star Wars collector's archive database with PAGES AND PAGES AND PAGES of categorized lists of items that have been made for Star Wars' fans.  A pic is only a click away and there is a search tab, which I didn't notice until I'd scanned about 30 pages.  When I realized I wasn't close to the end of the site's elaborate list, I went back to the top and found it.  You can search by item, category, country, film, etc.  It truly is a remarkable compilation of Star Wars' related items, but wouldn't you know it, the item that I have isn't there.  I think I can add to this list and I think I will if I win it, if I can figure it out.  LOL!!  If I do win the item, I'll be sure to let you know what it is and you Star Wars' fans can race to Tique-Tock to see if you get there first.  Check this fabulous site out at!