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No bats in the belfry, but birds in the Clock Tower!  LOL!!  I want to praise Plain City for taking such quick action yesterday when birds were getting in the Clock Tower and leaving little presents for us.  They caught one and hopefully will catch the other one soon.  Plus they found the open screen and took care of that.  Yea!
Miami Valley Steam Thresher corrections for 2018: featuring “Ford unusual and rare,” not John Deere as I’d read somewhere else.  Sorry for the mistake.  The parade is at 6:00 p.m. tonight and as always starts at pastime park and goes through downtown Plain City.  Come early to get the best seats and parking.  Our parking lot may be used as well for this event.  Just park wisely and don’t block our alley.  There are SO MANY events going on, including my husband selling lots of tools, Primitives, and such awesome stuff.  I want all of his items, so he usually doesn’t show me because he doesn’t want me to beg for them.  More information can be found at the Miami Valley Steam Thresher’s website,
BICENTENNIAL WINDOWS We've worked very hard on putting items in our windows that might have been used by people that were living when Plain City was first started and during its early years.  Stop by and see if you know what all of the items were used for and then come inside to see lots more!!  Be sure to check out all the events that are happening to celebrate Plain City's 200 Year Birthday!!
            68th Annual Miami Valley Steam Thresher’s Show Located in the peaceful, shaded Pastime Park in Plain City, Ohio on North Chillicothe St. July 12th (R) - July 15th (Sun) from 10 - 7 2018’s Feature:  John Deere So much to see and do!!!  First you’ll want to visit my husband’s area with lots of awesome tools, primitives, cast iron, woodworking items, and so much more for sale!  Then you can go see the other exhibitors that have lots of things for sale too.  But of course the main things are the tractor displays, steam and gas engine displays, tractor and truck pulls, lawnmower races, horse pulls, unbelievable food at every turn, lots of nice people… and all for $5!!  Best of all, bring the kids and show them a piece of history for free!!  Kids under 12 get in free.   Don’t forget the free parade on Friday night through Plain City.  Not sure what time it begins, but usually around 5:00 or 6:00.  Lots of candy thrown out for the kids so bring a bag for it and th
TAG BARN & GARAGE SALE   SAT & SUN JULY 14TH & 15TH It's the second sale at my parent's home and I'd like to buy everything!!  It's such great stuff, but I'm not allowed to buy early so you'll have a better chance of getting it then I will.  Here's the details: TAG BARN & GARAGE SALE SAT & SUN JULY 14TH & 15TH IN THE BARN… Lawn & Garden Items & equipment, Tools, Camping Supplies, Outdoor Furniture, Grills, Tents, Farming Equipment, Lots of Landscaping Items and Furniture, Planters of All Sizes, Swings, and Much More IN THE GARAGE & POOLROOM… Baskets, Artificial Flower Arrangements, Kerosene Lanterns, Crocks of All Sizes, Ceramic Pots,Cast Iron Pans, Enamel Items of Every Kind, Lawn Games, Cast Iron Toys, Board Games  LOCATION:  8852 CURRIER RD. PLAIN CITY, OHIO 43064 QUESTIONS 937.890.0227 LINDA
CAR HOOD ORNAMENTS Found an awesome sight for car hood ornament identification.  He doesn't have the prices but at least you'll know what vehicle and year(s) on which it belonged. He directs you to another site, which I've also listed:
BREYER HORSES We unpacked LOTS of brand new in their original boxes Breyer horses.  They range in age, but most are within the last two decades.  I'd say we have at least 40 in right now and at least 200 unboxed ones that are older yet to come.  Those won't be out for awhile though.  We're only putting a few online because we have so many other products that we want to get on as well.  Please remember we have OLD and NEW items!
LIFE SIZE ARK @OHIO BORDER Oh my goodness!!!  You have to check out the website I've listed today!!  A customer came in and told me they are visiting the life sized ark that is built in Kentucky, but just south of the Cincinnati, Ohio border.  There's also a Creation Museum there and you can get admission to both for one price.  There's all kinds of pictures and video to see at their website.  Here a link...
WEBSITE UPDATE AND LILAC FARM I'm back, finally.  We tried to figure out how to write the blog on our website, but we haven't figured that out quite yet.  Someday maybe we will.  Our blog is going to be random thoughts, pictures, websites, and anything else that we come across as interesting info that we'll pass along to you.  Trust me, it will be worth visiting on a regular basis.  Well, at least I think it will.  Plus don't forget to visit our website at, where there are things for sale, worthwhile websites, interesting product info, upcoming events, and more.   Here we go... Did you know Plain City, Ohio has a lilac farm?!  We didn't and haven't been there, but it's a new business that's working really hard to become a site that people will want to visit.  It's called "Purple Plains Farm" and it's only a few miles away from our store,  Tique-Tock.  Check out their facebook page!